Recently, Bush (Lauren Bush) once again appeared to start to accelerate food development projects, save the US famine phenomenon. For thisreason Lauren Bush (Lauren Bush) specially designed and sold food bags, each sale to donate to a child, such as $ 80 for a bag of food Ralph Lauren Canadacan supply a child in school for a whole pandora The food bags from organic cotton and leather material in the production, cheap pandora charmsbut also environmentally friendly fashion, this food bags sold in Nordstrom and Feedingamerica. org website. Most Bush (Lauren Bush) said it will have a relief project between September 16 to October 16 were organizing a grassroots banquet invite friends to participate, you need to get dinner swap donate $ 5 or participate $ 10, within a month I hope to be able to raise one million US dollars.As the US hunger relief organizations founder Lauren Bush (Lauren Bush), has a compassionate heart and upright, married to David Lauren later, Ralph Lauren executive vice president of marketing and communications, extensive propaganda played a hunger relief organization.


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